Sonic the Hedgehog Movie in 4DX

Just out from watching Sonic The Hedgehog on 4DX. Prior to that I watched on Dolby Cinema which was pretty amazing as well. As a big movie goer I study different types of cinemas and what they have to offer. Dolby Cinema gave me the clear, vibrant screen, booming sounds and audio traveling experience, while 4DX gave me that physical aspect of watching a movie with rumbling seat, rain, wind, and lighting effects.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster

Both experience are awesome in their own way. It all depends on what type of experience you’d like to be apart of. For my 4DX experience, the movie starts with Sonic running through the city while Dr. Robotnik is chasing him on his flying ship. When Sonic sways left and right. The seats mimics his same moves, moving the seats left and right. When Sonic is wet and shakes off the water, I would feel the sprinkling of water on me. When Sonic charges with lightning power, the whole theater gives this lighting effect where the lights start flashing in different patterns. When there’s a shooting scene the air jets on the seat behind your head goes off giving the effects of bullets passing right by me. I didn’t experience any smell, which was suppose to be part of the experience.

Overall 4DX is awesome. The film itself is amazing for all Sonic and non-Sonic fans. You’ll appreciate Jim Carrey’s performance and his old comedic abilities.  Sonic’s animation is perfectly done, a bit cartoonish but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Way better from what we saw in the first trailer. Overall great movie. Which ever way you want to experience the movie, you’ll have a blast.

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