The Future of SEGA’s Home Consoles – Melton’s Opinion

When are we getting the Dreamcast 2? Don’t hold your breath. SEGA and Xbox could be happening? *ponders* It’s possible. I think there’s possibilities of something great from SEGA. Maybe not a full home console, but something else…

Let me explain. My thoughts on what I think SEGA could achieve – there’s already some evidence! This isn’t just fan fantasy.

Let me know in the comments below on your thoughts on SEGA’s future.
Let me know your thoughts on SEGA's future. What do YOU want from them?x
What do YOU want from them? What could be the future of SEGA? We’ve not heard much from them recently. Do they have something big in the works?!

SEGA have had a few projects – some successful, some not so much – over the recent years that could indicate what they are thinking of, and what they may hope to achieve.

SEGA have made it clear that they are not completely out of the console market, with their release of the popular Mega Drive / Genesis Mini. Being relatively cheap, compared to its competitor’s, the Mega Drive Mini is a well thought out console, and shows a conscious effort to make a better product. They ditched their AtGames for something official, and spent time, and no doubt more money, to create a better product. And it shows.

It’s possible one day, when SEGA are confident they can create a Sega Saturn Mini or Dreamcast Mini (when the emulation is good, and the price of the hardware right), we could see them being released. SEGA themselves have said that a Sega Saturn Mini might be the less likely of the two, due to how the Saturn used two CPUs, and as such, emulation is more difficult) (Source: IGN).

You may remember it was in 2017 that SEGA promised emulated games from most their systems with their free to use mobile SEGA Forever service. Three years later, we have seen releases from the Mega Drive / Genesis, and a couple of ports from the arcade and Dreamcast. However, it’s been a long time since their last addition to SEGA Forever. Which makes me wonder if the service isn’t going to grow anymore.

I discuss what I think SEGA could achieve with SEGA Forever in my video Is SEGA Forever Any Good? It certainly has potential, and it’s a great shame it seems to be going nowhere at the moment.

Putting SEGA Forever aside for a minute, SEGA seem to have spent more of their effort on the Switch, porting over a good number of their older games to the platform in the form of SEGA AGES. It must be working for them, as there’s plenty of releases, and more planned (SEGA AGES). Now here’s a thought, what if SEGA combined their SEGA Forever and SEGA AGES together, to create a more cohesive platform of games? One SEGA brand, rather than two.

With the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini and the new Game Gear Micro, could SEGA create a small home console or handheld that could also include a SEGA Forever / SEGA AGES service? I don’t see how this would be too hard to make. It could be based on existing technology, such as Android.

Recently, SEGA also announced their plans to bring cloud gaming to Japan, so that people can play arcade games at home – the arcade scene is still pretty big in Japan. While the service seems to be a work in progress, and may not live up to high expectations, SEGA seem intent in branching out to cover areas of the market other companies haven’t. In this case, the arcades in the home. A feature not too far removed from the days of SEGA in the 90’s and onward, where their home consoles had many arcade conversions.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (Image from GamesRadar)


So, just to recap, SEGA have:

  • A huge catalogue of games
  • A mobile games service, SEGA Forever
  • A downloadable games selection, SEGA AGES
  • A successful Mini home console, the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini
  • A new handheld, with the Game Gear Micro series
  • Cloud gaming with their announced Fog Gaming

Not to mention that SEGA have recently worked with a number of developers to bring classic IPs back, such as Panzer Dragoon and Streets of Rage. Could games like these become part of an online games library, or one that fits on other consoles? Could these games appear on an Android (or other) powered home console, where you pay for additional individual games, or play with ads? Could the fog gaming streaming service be expanded to outside of Japan, allowing you to stream SEGA games on a PC?

Okay, okay, either you are excited about all these possibilities, or you think I’m crazy! 😊 It’s okay… But think, for a moment. What has SEGA already achieved (the list above)? They could combine some of it, into something more akin to a new SEGA console.

Would you want a new SEGA console, with inbuilt games, and the ability to pay and download more games?
Would you want a new SEGA console, with inbuilt games, and the ability to pay and download more games?x
Maybe if it was a handheld, that could connect to the TV? (no need for an additional controller)… I say YES PLEASE!

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