Great Sonic Guitar Music Covers on YouTube

The Sonic community is extremely supportive of our beloved blue hedgehog. Despite his ups and downs, this always seems to be true, and you can find some really good Sonic guitar music covers by the community. Here I share a few of my favourite Sonic guitar covers for you to listen to 🤘

Let’s first start with what has to be my absolute fav:

The very talented longestsoloever, covering Flying Battery Zone!

Recently he put up his video for one of my favourite levels and music from Sonic 2 – Aquatic Ruin Zone

Longestsoloever has quite a number of Sonic covers, including a Robotnik medley, that you can check out on his YouTube channel.

A music YouTuber that I only recently discovered is Dr Mobius, and you’d be right in going by his name, he’s got a number of Sonic covers. Here’s my favourite:

Super Sonic Racing from the game Sonic R

Sonic games are known for their great music, with Sonic 3 & Knuckles having some of the best the series has to offer. Mix Sonic 3 with guitar, and it’s definitely worth a listen!

The Sonic 3 Final Boss music probably hasn’t sounded so good!

So far it’s been 90’s Sonic classic tunes, but modern Sonic games have great music too! Here’s one of my favourites from Sonic 06, covered by Dinnick the 3rd.

His World – Sonic the Hedgehog

Of course we can’t forget this classic medley to finish our selection of some of the best guitar Sonic music covers.

Also, check out my Top 10 Sonic Music Tracks (complete with lyrics) from the modern era of Sonic on my Melton the Gamer YouTube channel:

🎵 Thanks for watching/listening, and let me know in the comments what your favourite Sonic covers are.

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