Sonic’s Social Media Manager Aaron Webber is Leaving for a New Adventure

The Sonic series got a much needed boost when Aaron Webber took over the reigns of Sonic’s failing Twitter, as the Social Media Manager, in 2015, and turned it into the humorous community it has now become. Aaron states in this Tweet (below), “Some of you will remember, but back then, Sonic was in a tough spot. His latest game had failed…”. He explains how he set out to revive the Sonic Twitter, with “fun content, memes, references you wouldn’t expect from an official account”.

He also became the promenent figure within the Official Sonic YouTube channel, hosting many live weekly shows, and has grown the channel to over a million subscribers… Did I forget to say that Aaron helped the Sonic Twitter reach almost 6 million followers?! A job well done.

Aaron and SEGA announced yesterday that he is moving on to new pastures and will be handing over the Sonic social media to others within the team.

But it’s not all bad news, as Aaron explained in his Tweet on the Official Sonic Twitter, as he will be staying within Sega, but in a different role:

We at SEGA Universe wish Aaron all the best in his new adventure at Sega. Thank you for helping keep our blue blur on track, and creating a more positive Sonic community for us all to enjoy.

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