Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage, known as Bare Knuckle (ベア・ナックル Bea Nakkuru) in Japan, is a trilogy of beat 'em up games developed and published by SEGA in the 1990s. Famously known for its non stop action and electronic dance influenced music – scored by Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima – the series has gained the status … Read more

10 Minute Tower

10 Minute Tower is a unique tile-based puzzle game that will get your cogs whirring as you take control of a day-dreaming child adventurer trapped within a tower. You begin your dream as a Mighty Robot, manipulating your environment and exploring to find new costumes and gain extra abilities. Each dream brings a new maze … Read more


Those who love platform games may think this is a simple game, bbut hardest platformers ever made. The hard part of the game is the impossibility of making 100 bounces. No one can make 100 bounce in this game. We are prepared bad surprises for you. We are give you bonuses, but for what? You … Read more

Captain Curve’s Intergalactic Space Adventure

Even intergalactic space captains daydream! Avoid obstacles as Captain Curve explores space, land and sea.The Imagination Fuel is burning down and Cap’s got places to be. Let your mind wander and collect additional fuel from daydream mini-games.Key Features / How to play Infinite runner style main game. Avoid obstacles – They’ll cause you to burn … Read more

Emily: Displaced

Children like Emily are the most vulnerable in a conflict situation. The decisions you make playing Emily: Displaced can subtly influence the direction of the story, in a changing and unpredictable world. Made in four days as part of the game jam for War Child.Key Features / How to play Choice based narrative Emotional story, … Read more


HELP: The Game is a project which brings together the top developers, studios and gaming industry superstars – all to raise money for children in war. War Child supports and protects children whose lives have been disrupted by war and conflict. Our programmes are rebuilding lives across Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of … Read more

Love Thyself – A Horatio Story

Plunge forehead-first into the exhilarating world of Horatio, the Endless galaxy’s most perfect being. Experience life as a freshly-decanted Horatio clone on his first day of cadet school. Will you be the obedient servant of the great forehead in the sky? Will you manage to woo one four uniquely identical Horatio clones? Or will you … Read more


Your job is to assist Malkia as much as possible by utilising the resources available to her. By successfully delegating tasks amongst the family and completing stock resupply journeys you can help Malika to grow her business, educate her children and put food on her family’s table.Key Features / How to play Unique real-time strategy … Read more


Let yourself be taken away by the rhythm of Rise, as this adventure takes you on a journey, aiming for the sky while the landscape is altered around you as the protagonist collects letters for his loved one. You will jump and move across the scenery in platforming style. Place the platforms in the direction … Read more

Splash Bash

Use your water gun to propel yourself through the air and bash the opponents! Grab the Beach Ball power up to get unlimited water for a short time! Random Accessories. Over 3000 combos! Fast paced gameplay and easy to pick up controls brings you hours of mindless fun! Over 20 levels! DESIGNED FOR CONTROLLERSLimited support … Read more

Flesh Feast

Flesh Feast is an indie, action, strategy and arcade game developed by Ingames Interactive. It was originally released in 1998. It was published by SEGA. Most rawgers rated the game as “Recommended”. Flesh Feast is available on PC.


Protection Place these red blocks to provide additional hearts to each pawn that steps on that square, when a pawn reaches 0 hearts it’s game over. Education Gain additional turns for each pawn that steps on one of these blue squares, you need turns to be able to continue. Livelihood Adding more of these yellow … Read more