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Who or what is Melton?

Hi, my name is Melton, and I’ve put together this Melton the Gamer website to document my travels through space in my search for all things SEGA and other video games stuff.

This is my first blog, and I’m not really sure what to write…

To be continued…

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On a mission.


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    JanFreidun Taravosh May 1, 2019 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    Dear Melton
    the very ambition to run a web space page without being a web anoracih is great. The colour set up settles the reign in the outer space formation for where you orginate, which is cool, to be serious I have not seen this commitment to follow up every detail of anybodies mission through time and space so this is a sign of courrage from your side of the World indeed, I could never be bothered enough to program and design a web space via certain applications in the long run, I do not have capability to flip around Cables and settings so I never have screen shots or FX in my filmed footage, it is just me in front of a LAPTOP, the bloody separate webcam my father got me, my shitty windows ten will not even react for one secound recognising that it was trying to interact with the computer via universal serial bus, and that a real clunker mister, intending that something works everywhere, With you being a SPACE ACE you for one could hit the fan knowing that people aim to reach for the start but never see it happen as a term in factual reality

    by the way this was inspirational forget that bloody via A/V Connection plug and play for tv from atari och Namco, you can serve yourself having a good time and purchase atari arcade Collection for SATURN, for there is one disc which means it stores several games in the same place. then again if you want space action as if you do not have enuff of it already, you should get Darxide, Star Wars and Stellar assault for the 32x and after burner, if you do you will be pleased with gaming forever more. for Darxide is kinda like asteroids but in full 3D!

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      JanFreidun Taravosh May 1, 2019 at 5:44 pm - Reply

      Meltonโ€ฆ the factual reality that you have been a SEGA FAN FOREVER MORE, does this mean you were a fan even when the vending Machines for SEGA and Pinball Machines from SEGA, were still around??n then it must means you be alot of light years old, anyway cool to see this commitment, scarcly found in The Kingdom of Sweden, I can tell you that.

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        JanFreidun Taravosh May 2, 2019 at 4:58 pm - Reply

        This then is my third comment, I trust you are having a marvellous day, I wish I could write more concise comments on your content here, but my mind and Everything that I am thinking goes about here, there and everywhere

        I saw a picture of Panzer Saga, errr, yeah. I just feel like I do with when some years ago that I changed my mind about getting the Dragon Force games. This is because how should i put it out in a slick shift kind of way with out becoming a narrator of my entire story of my Life?

        yeah well, I just do not Think that I have enough patience and lacks the attention span to get into the genre, that’s it, considering if it is rare, a hidden gem or a Classic in the Collection means nothing to me, I am not a collector but a SELECTOR, if I loose the hang of a game I can sell it and get something that I am more comfortable with, if you see what I mean. I do not want games to just hand about the Bookshelf thats it, but report to me when Melton the Gamer :The offical licensed game comes out I will stack up monies for months if I have to.

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          Melton May 8, 2019 at 9:57 am - Reply

          Hi! Thank you for your comments. I will be sure to check out Darxide. I mean, what’s better than a space shooting game? It it true, I am pretty old, in Earth terms, but I still missed many SEGA moments from the past. But, as I say, I’m on my mission to discover everything great from SEGA. So, at one point, I will definitely cover the vending machines and other amazing older SEGA stuff. Actually, though it wasn’t old, I saw a SEGA UFO catcher just last month. Lucky me, though, I managed to dodge out the way just in time ๐Ÿ™‚

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